A Small Car, On A Small Street.

November Misc 073

About mirrenaudax

Slightly greying, bequiffed and enterprising visual artist from Up North.
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13 Responses to A Small Car, On A Small Street.

  1. torquayhotel says:

    This is great. Looks a lot like the Model Village in Torquay

  2. GOOGirl says:


  3. Monica DiNatale says:


  4. Mellissa says:

    Love the colors and perspective. This picture could tell so many fun stories!

  5. Many pastors and churches started changing their thought process years ago after the shooting in Fort Worth and then the shooting in Colorado Springs.

    “That’s when a lot of churches started to open their eyes and put more emphasis on it (security),” one pastor said recently, after David Michael Stoltz, 36, made vaguely threatening statements and hid inside the auditorium of Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo TX on Jan. 8. The sprawling campus went on lock down before he was arrested without violence.

    Sadly, such incidents have become more common in schools, malls, churches, businesses and even government properties, as we have all seen recently.

    To this day, you have some churches and pastors offices that are left wide open, and anyone in the world can walk all the way to the pastors office and just walk in, and the pastor is supposed to be the good shepherd that provides for and protects the flock. How many professional places can you just walk into today?

    Many churches now use CCTV and intercom at the entry door and card access at many doors, to stop the loss or duplication of keys and improve their security by limiting who comes and goes.

    Visit Church Security Institute’s website for more info and ideas on how you can improve the safety and security of your facility and consider starting Teams to be able to carry out the Plan that you have or are going to develop, recruit members with law enforcement, security, military and medical experience and training to be the volunteers you depend on for help.

    After you set up your Teams and they finish their training you need to practice what they have learned and equipped to do their job.

    There are new needs in churches, for the dangers they now face.
    The Action that Is needed today is the same of Biblical times.
    “The prudent foresee danger & take precautions…” Proverbs 22:3 The Response is also the same as that back in Bibilcal times.
    “We prayed to our God and posted a guard…” Nehemiah 4:9

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