The Shadow From The Sky.

“I crawled back through the gap and as I did so a shadow began to spread across the rubble before me. A huge, black shadow which might have been that of an enormous bird, save that it was long, reguar in shape and curved.
Again I doubted my own sanity and in some trepidation I forced myself to look upward.
I gasped in astonishment. This was no bird, but a gigantic, cigar-shaped balloon! And yet it was like no balloon I had ever seen, for its envelope seemed rigid – constructed of some silvery metal – and attached to this envelope (and not swinging from it by ropes) was a gondola almost the length of the balloon itself.
What astonished me more was the slogan, inscribed in huge lettering on the hull:
From its stern projected four triangular ‘wings’ which resembled nothing so much as the flukes of a whale. And painted on each of these in shining red, white and blue was a large Union Jack.
For a moment I could only star at the flying monster in incredulous astonishment. And then I began to leap about the ruins, waving and yelling for all I was worth!”
– from ‘The Warlord Of The Air’, by Michael Moorcock.

About mirrenaudax

Slightly greying, bequiffed and enterprising visual artist from Up North.
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