Democracy In Action!

We happened across a protest by students at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“, a famous Berlin drama school. They were protesting against cuts that meant upgrades to their campus building that were in the pipeline were cut due to budget constraints shortly before construction was due to commence. A statement in an on-line petition states their posotion concisely:
“We, as students may not permit this, and therefore call on the Senate of Berlin, to reconsider the stop of the new building. We must work to ensure that the remains of the historic city as culturally significant theater is not exposed to the whims of politics. […] We regard the theater as a political space. The reality of the theater is representative of the reality in our society.”
As someone who had their education impacted upon by funding issues, budget constraints and inadequate forward planning, I fully support their position.

About mirrenaudax

Slightly greying, bequiffed and enterprising visual artist from Up North.
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